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Who can resist having a hot cinnamon toothpick in your mouth. And who can have just one? Maybe these would be good for someone who is trying to stop smoking too. Worth a try perhaps? B. Abbe  Washington

These champs are cheap, taste great and are low in calories! What more can you ask for? Terry W. Idaho

Personally, I think these babies are great for everything from weight-control to quitting smoking. Sugar free too. Packs pop in your purse. Yes, I'm a lady but I still love me some cinnamon-picks! Karen M. New York

They taste like cinnamon and its a nice touch that they are sugar-free. Rob N. Texas

Seeing these old standard-bearers among the after dinner set brings back the old days, and then I see all these plastic tooth picks that come with floss already attached and I think, "wow, so this is progress?!"  Heather P. Indiana

If you are looking for decent cinnamon tasting toothpicks that are a decent value, come in handy packages and are sugar-free, you're in for a treat -- HERE THEY ARE! 
  Nancy S. Oregon

I've been a fan of these little things since I first discovered them on the local ice cream truck when I was a little kid. Since then, cinnamon toothpicks have gone in and out of fashion, and it wasn't until a couple years ago that this specific brand (Harmon) came back on the market... and oh, was I happy to see it back! Great price - worth the buy! Lori F. California

While many of the 40-50 year old set fondly remember soaking toothpicks in cinnamon oil (the "old fashioned way"), those in the 30-something set fondly remember buying pack after pack of these ready-to-enjoy treats. They taste fantastic - cinnamon with just a hint of sweetness - and are great to suck or chew on when you're on the computer, stuck in rush-hour traffic, or simply between meals and without a snack. Plus, well, they're toothpicks, so you can use them after meals and enjoy the nice, cinnamon flavor.  Sam D. Georgia

They don't go bad when the pack is opened, unlike so many other candies. Plus, they have no calorie content and no food content, so while you get the flavor, you aren't gaining the pounds. Cathy B. Nebraska

All in all, they're a great thing to have around, regardless of the time of year... a great gift for the cinnamon-lover in your life. Laura D. California

These are a real flashback! And they taste just like you remember. Downright addictive - and everyone will want to mooch some from you - so get plenty.  They are all about the flavor. Dave H. Arizona